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Microsuction Earwax Removal
Sarah Lansdowne - Saddleworth Earwax Removal

Saddleworth Earwax Removal offers microsuction as a safe and effective way to unclog your ears, reduce pain and restore normal hearing.

Do your ears feel blocked? Or do you suffer from reduced hearing?

This could be due to earwax build-up.

What is microsuction earwax removal? 

Microsuction is a specialist treatment where earwax is removed using a low-pressure suction device, with no need for water. This treatment has become increasingly popular over the years as it’s safe and pain-free for the patient.

Benefits of microsuction earwax removal

  • It offers practitioners a clear view of the ear. The microscope used with this treatment allows the practitioner to clearly see the ear canal and the presence of wax. This makes it significantly easier, and safer, to get rid of all traces of it.​

  • Unlike the ear syringing method, you won’t need to use ear drops before your appointment. With microsuction, you don’t need to do any preparation. The suction device is able to remove wax safely without the need for pre-lubrication.​

  • It’s a neater treatment with no messy water use. Ear syringing involves water being flushed into the ear, but there’s no need for that with microsuction. Not only does this reduce any risk of infection, but it also makes for a more comfortable experience for patients.​

  • It’s safe for perforations. For those who have a perforated eardrum, microsuction is the safest treatment option. It is the most accurate method for wax removal and there is no risk of anything being pushed into your eardrum.​

  • The microsuction treatment is comfortable and pain-free. Unlike ear syringing, which is known to cause discomfort to some patients, microsuction is a more comfortable method of wax removal.

How much does it cost?

All appointments begin with a check-up and consultation. This will be charged at £20 should no treatment be required.

£50 for one ear and £80 for two ears.​

For most patients, microsuction is a one-off treatment.


What's included?

All Sarah’s microsuction appointments include:

  • Ear health consultation

  • Otoscope examination of one or both ears

  • Wax removal by microsuction using a microscope to ensure pinpoint accuracy

  • Post-treatment aural examination

  • Individualised ear health advice

Testimonials - read what Sarah's clients have to say...

"So pleased I made the decision to have Sarah examine my problem ear. Sarah took time to talk through everything in a personal and professional way. Thank you!"
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