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Nutritional Therapy
Irene Balazs - IB Wellness

The main force behind IB Wellness is a deep desire to help individuals achieve their long-term diet and nutrition goals. Whether you’re seeking help with weight loss, digestive issues or disease prevention, each client is individually evaluated and provided with a well-researched and comprehensive plan that is tailor made for them.

In order to understand your current health issues, goals, a new eating plan, and to consider supplements and possible clinical testing, we will need to work together over a period of time.

A “one-off appointment” is unlikely to help you. The length of your program will depend on your current needs and what you would like to achieve but will typically start with an initial 12 weeks.

So whether you’re looking for nutritious recipes, or you need professional guidance in order to address a specific health issue, get in touch and see what IB Wellness can do for you.

Book your free 20 minute discovery call today!

More information can be found on the IB Wellness website.

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Initial Consultation + Follow-up: £170

Private Test Results Interpretation: £100

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